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Janusz Karweta -Polish figure skater for almost 20 years with 10 years of experience at international, world-leveled competitions, 6-times Polish National Champion. Proven experience in teaching figure skaters at the Ice Castle – International Training Center in Lake Arrowhead, USA, one of the best ice skating centers in the World, The Rink Ice Arena in Bangkok and BX Rink in Jakarta. Currently Head Coach at IF Castor in Östersund, Sweden. Ambitious teacher always seeking for best techniques and results for his students, former skater achieving highest recommendations from world-class coaches such as Frank Carroll, Nina Mozer, Richard Gauthier, Stanislav Leonovich and Andrey Bushkov. Experienced leader of teams and groups of people. Choreographer for both - individual programs and ice shows as well as organizer of on ice events for clubs and companies. Swedish Federation coach step 4A.

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I was born on March 20th, 1988 in Oświęcim, Poland. I started my figure skating carrer in 1995 when I was 7. My mom wanted my brother learn how to skate. We all went together. The lifelong experience never stoped since then. I am a 6-time Polish National Champion. 5 of the titles were with my skating partner Krystyna Klimczak. Togheter we competed at three ISU World Junior Championships, one ISU European Championships and one ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final. I must say that during my carrer I had a pleasure working with World's best figure skating coaches: Iwona Mydlarz-Chruścińska, Sarkis Tewanian, Nina Mozer, Richard Gauthier, Stanislav Leonovich and Andrey Bushkov. Their best skaters include Olympic, World and European Champions.

I retired from competitive skating in 2013 and it was natural for me to become a coach. I wanted to share my experience with the young adepts of skating. I started this route in June 2010 in USA at famous Ice Castle by leading numerous classes during their summer camp. I liked it, and the kids liked it even more. After a promising start I moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where I had a chance to start my first skating project by myself. After over a year, my name spreaded over Asia and I was introduced to Jakarta, Indonesia for a 3 months period as a guest coach.

After almost 5 years of travelling outside Europe I decided I want to come back to my home continent. In August 2015 I took a Head Coach position at IF Castor Figure Skating Club in Östersund, Sweden.

News - season 2019/20

Here you can find information regarding camps and competitions where I go:




21-22.09.2019 (v.38): Tyresö Cupen (Tyresö) ✔

23-24.11.2019 (v.47): Älta Trophy (Älta)


16-17.11.2019 (v.46): Glada Hudikhoppet (Hudiksvall)

23-24.11.2019 (v.47): Umeåskäret (Umeå)

11-12.01.2020 (v.2): Distriktsmästerskap – Draktrofén (Sundsvall)

08-09.02.2020 (v.6): TBD (Sundsvall?)

15-16.02.2020 (v.7): Borlänge kristallen (Borlänge)

22-23.02.2020 (v.8): Nordiska Ungdomsspelen (Östersund)

14-15.03.2020 (v.11): Guldhoppet (Skellefteå)


03.11.2019 (v.44): Tannensnurran (Lycksele)

23-24.11.2019 (v.47): Björkskottet (Umeå)

07-08.12.2019 (v.49): Övikscupen (Örnsköldsvik)

11-12.01.2020 (v.2): Mitthemspiruetten (Sundsvall)

25-26.01.2020 (v.4): Höga kusten cupen (Örnsköldsvik)

22-23.02.2020 (v.8): Nordiska Ungdomsspelen (Östersund)

14-15.03.2020 (v.11): Guldhoppet (Skellefteå)

Best in

Responsive Web Design


Ambitious teacher always seeking for best techniques and results for his students. Teaches on and off the ice jumps as well as power skating.

User experience design

Off ice

Academy of Physical Education graduate. Coach with big knowledge of different exercises to help improving jumping skills and strength.


Pair skating

Former skater with 10+ years of pair skating experience at international, world-leveled competitions, 5-times Polish Pair National Champion.



Choreographer who creates programs with moves that looks strong and passionate, always trying to improve skaters movements and reach perfection.

Language Skills

Level of knowledge

Coaching Experience

Aug 2015


IF castor, Östersund (Sweden)

Head Coach

August 2015: IF Castor Summer Camp: coach
December 2015: IF Castor Christmas Show: choreographer
January 2016: IF Castor New Year's Camp: coach, organization
March 2016: IF Castor, Mamma Mia! Show: choreographer
July 2016: IF Castor International Summer Camp 2016: coach, organization
September 2016: Swedish Figure Skating Association Convention: member
November 2016: IF Castor Höstlovsträning Camp: coach, organization
December 2016: IF Castor Christmas Show: choreographer
January 2017: IF Castor Nyårsträning Camp: coach, organization
March 2017: Castor Cup 2017: organization
March 2017: IF Castor, Äventyr med Disney Show: choreographer
July 2017: IF Castor International Summer Camp 2017: coach, organization
July-August 2017: Örnsköldsvik Summer Camp 2017: Guest Coach
August 2017: Tibro: Tränarkurs steg 3A - Skate Sweden Coach Course step 3A
November 2017: IF Castor Höstlovsträning Camp: coach, organization
December 2017: IF Castor Christmas Show: choreographer
February 2018: Castor Cup 2018, NUS 2018: organization
March 2018: IF Castor, 100 år med IF Castor Show: choreographer
April 2018: Tibro: Tränarkurs steg 3B - Skate Sweden Coach Course step 3B
July 2018: IF Castor International Summer Camp 2018: coach, organization
July-August 2018: Örnsköldsvik Summer Camp 2018: Guest Coach
August 2018: Tibro: Tränarkurs steg 4A - Skate Sweden Coach Course step 4A

Jun 2014

Nov 2014

BX Rink, Jakarta (Indonesia)

Special Guest Coach

June 2014: Summer Program: Special Guest Coach
September 2014: Special Guest Coach
October 2014: BX Rink Charity Show: Special Guest

Mar 2013

May 2014

The Rink Ice Arena, Bangkok (Thailand)

Head Coach

March 2013: Skate Asia Press Conference Show
March 2013: Thai TV series about Figure Skating: Special Guest, interviews
April 2013: The Rink Summer Program: Head Coach, organization
April 2013: The Rink Figure Skating Club: Founder and first president
July 2013: The Rink FSC Summer Program: Head Coach, organization
July 2013: The Rink Summer Program: Head Coach, organization
August 2013: ISI Skate Asia 2013: Opening Ceremony Show
August 2013: ISI Skate Asia 2013: Team Production Choreographer
August 2013: ISI Skate Asia 2013: Team The Rink: Head Coach - 1st place
September 2013: Elite Skate: Learn to Skate promotional event: organization, show
October 2013: ISI Skate Thailand 2013: Team The Rink: Head Coach - 1st place
November 2013: Rocking X'mas On Ice 2013: Press Conference Show
December 2013: ISI Skate Bangkok 2013: Team The Rink: Head Coach - 1st place
April 2014: The Rink Summer Program: Head Coach, organization
May 2014: Fashion Island Press Conference Show

Jun 2010

Dec 2012

Ice Castle international skating center, Lake Arrowhead (USA)

Summer Program Coach

June 2010 - August 2010: Ice Castle Summer Program: Coach, organization
December 2011: Ice Castle Christmas Show: organization member
June 2011 - August 2011: Ice Castle Summer Program: Coach, organization
June 2011: UCLA Zumbathon Fundraiser: Dance class leader
November 2011: Lake Arrowhead Resort, Zumba Fundraiser: Dance class leader
June 2012 - August 2012: Ice Castle Summer Program: Coach, organization
July 2012: Ice Castle Summer Show: organization member

Skating Experience



Lake Arrowhead (USA)

Pair skating

2012: 2nd place National Championships



Oświęcim (Poland)

Single/pair skating

2005: National Champion
August 2005: International ISU Pair Skating Seminar member
2006: National Champion
August 2006: International ISU Pair Skating Seminar member
2007: National Champion
2007: 13th World Junior Championships (Oberstdorf, Germany)
August 2007: International ISU Pair Skating Seminar member
2007/2008: 8th place Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final
2008: 15th World Junior Championships (Sofia, Bulgaria)
2008: Junior National Champion
2008: Senior National Champion
September 2008: International Pair Skating Seminar (New Jersey, USA)
2009: 16th European Championships (Helsinki, Finland)
2009: 13th World Junior Championships (Sofia, Bulgaria)
April 2009 - May 2009: Physical Education School Teacher
November 2009 - December 2009: Physical Education School Teacher
2010: Figure Skating Instructor course
April 2010 - May 2010: Corrective Gymnastic Instructor



Oświęcim (Poland)

Single skating

2001: National Champion (singles)


Academy of Physical Education

• Field: Physical Education and Corrective Gymnastics


• Figure Skating Instructor
• Swedish Tränarutbildning Steg 4A
• PIC Skate registered coach
• ISI bronze, silver Judge
• Corrective Gymnastic Instructor
• Volleyball Instructor

Honors & Awards

• 6-time Figure Skating Polish National Champion
• World and European Competitior


Östersund, Sweden

City of Östersund

With a population of about 60 000, Östersund is the only city in the county of Jämtland. It is situated by the Lake Storsjön, in line with the costal cities of Sundsvall (Sweden) and Trondheim (Norway). Very popular mountain resort Åre is only about an hour away by car. The tourist trade employs a great number of people here, but Östersund is also a commercial town, with a great spirit of enterprise and many small companies specialized in winter sports, outdoor life, events and adventure. The city center offers great opportunities for shopping, not least for delicatessen. The love of winter - enjoying it, as well as benefiting from it. The long, cold winter is the city´s greatest asset, along with the freshest air and the cleanest water of Europe. Additional to the Biathlon World Championship 2008 and the annual Biathlon World Cup premiere, Östersund is also host of many other national and international winter sports events, e.g. Arctic Cat Cup, World Enduro Championships, Cross-country skiing World Cup, Vertex 24 and World Junior Curling Championships. Östersund has got the best cross-country skiing establishment of Northern Europe, with an all-the-year-round stadium, and 89 kilometers of tracks.

How to get to Östersund?

You can get to Östersund by car, by bus, by train and also by airplane. The closest airport is located at the Östersund's island - Frösön. Trondhaim Værnes Airport is located 230 km from Östersund and Stockholm's airports are 530 km away.



The rink ice arena

"I have known Mr. Karweta professionally as a figure skating coach. At "The Rink Ice Arena" he was responsible for leading private and group classes for our skaters. During his employment at our facility he developed many summer and winter camps for the skaters. He has also done numerous of ice show performances and was a main choreographer of Opening Ceremony at 2013 Skate Asia. Based on his student's achievements, attendance and class participation, I'd rate his coaching skills as exceptional.

Mr. Karweta has a number of strenghts to offer an employer. He is always interested in helping others and is very passionate to the sport of figure skating. Thanks to Mr. Karweta, our skaters have had a great chance to improve their skating. He definitely has a big knowledge in sport.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Mr. Janusz Karweta. He will be an extremely positive additon to any ice rink, figure skating club, organization or association."

Pubase Gadchaiyo

Human Resources Manager at The Rink Ice Arena


Indonesia Ice Skating Federation

"Mr. Janusz Karweta was coaching in Indonesia for our Ice Skating Community for 3 months in 2014. He is a tireless worker and a great team player amongst our local coaches. He stresses fundamentals and basic of figure skating the "right way" and as result his high level students gain lots of improvement by understanding more about basic skating. He is a also creative and understanding coach and everyone have "fun" during the lesson and practice sessions with him. During his 3 months coaching here, we can really see significantly the improvement of our skater's quality of skating.

In my position as Head of Indonesia Ice Skating Commission, I would endorse him to any association, ice rink managers and clubs."

Wiwin Salim

Indonesia Ice Skating Commission


Frank Carroll

"I am writing this letter in support of Janusz Karweta and his extraordinary abilities in the sport of figure skating. It is professional pleasue knowing and witnessing Mr. Karweta pursuit of greatness.

Having known Janusz for 2,5 years, he has demonstrated the ability and personal fortitude needed to become one of the world's top figure skaters. Janusz exhibits a relentless passion for the sport, spending 4 hours one the ice, 3 hours off the ice practicing lifts, jumps and moves and additional time at the gym, daily. As I watch him train at Ice Castle, it is clear to see that he has a true love of the sport, always pushing for perfection with a positive attitude. I understand that Janusz is a 6-time National Champion, but he has express his desire and demonstration to achieve the ultimate goal of reaching the Olympic Games' podium.

Please accept this letter as my highest recommendation for Mr. Janusz Karweta"

Frank Carroll

US Olympic Coach


Andrey Bushkov

"I want to give my support to Mr. Janusz Karweta, a world-renowned athlete in the sport of figure skating. I have known Janusz for a number of years and over that time he is showing prominence in his skating, proving he is a world-level skater. In addition, his value as a skater in figure skating community cannot be overstated. My knowledge of Mr. Karweta come from observation of his skating, practicing at Ice Castle in Lake Arrowhead, California. My opinion is from professional standpoint and not from any personal relationship.

My considered opinion, therefore is that Mr. Janusz Karweta is an outstanding skater who holds promise for increasing accomplishments in international figure skating, and I accord him my highest respect and enthusiastic recommendation"

Andrey Bushkov

1996 Figure Skating World Champion


Phillip Mills

"I am writting this letter in support of the Polish figure skater Janusz Karweta. After meeting Janusz at the Ice Castle International Skating Center and watching him train over few years it is evident that he possesses extraordinary skills on the ice.

Since being introduced in 2010 I have enjoyed getting know Janusz during our many conversations between practice sessions. Since meeting Janusz he has demonstrated passion and skills that separete an outstanding athlete from the rest. I have enourmous respect for his skating and believe him to be one of the best skaters hailing from Poland. His moves during practice on and off the ice are very strong and passionate, but he keeps practicing, always trying to improve his movements and reach perfection.

It is without hesitation that I offer him my highest recommendation"

Phillip Mills

Olympic Figure Skating Choreographer


Additional skills

• office applications (Microsoft Office, Open Office, iWork)
• operation systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
• basics HTML, xHTML, CSS, PHP, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro
• open source e-commerce (PrestaShop)

International Driver License

Interpersonal skills

• Coordinator/Analyst personality
• Building good human relations
• Defining, explaining, gathering information, analyzing and checking
• Patient and emphatic
• Preferring clear rules and procedures
• Practical, realistic and responsible
• Decide logically what should be done and work toward it steadily
• Take pleasure in making everything orderly and organized - work, life, home
• Not afraid of making important decisions
• Ambitious and creative
• Hard worker, fast learner


• Football
• Music
• Travelling
• Mobile technologies

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